3 Essential Steps To Get Rid Of Mold

Mold is a relatively frequent problem in our homes, and almost every household will deal with this issue sooner or later. Because of their characteristics and features, these fungi can live and even thrive in our houses, and this can cause various problems to our health, and it can decrease the overall air quality in those particular rooms that are infected by mold. The fact that these multi-cellular organisms can live on all sorts of surfaces and materials does not help us here, and mold can cause significant damage to wood, paper, carpet, and of course – foods.

When it comes to health effects and symptoms that are a direct result of the excessive presence of mold in the air, they are mostly present in the form of allergic reactions and irritations. What this means is that most people will experience symptoms similar to hay fever, which include sneezing, red eyes, and so on. Irritations may affect the nose, eyes, and skin on other parts of the body, predominantly hands. Also, asthma and similar respiratory issues can appear because of molds, and all of these problems are showing us the importance of removing mold from our houses.

 Prevention Is The First Line Of DefensePost1a

As with the majority of similar problems in our household, prevention is the key to a healthy environment. In other words, if we maintain high levels of hygiene and we perform regular cleaning, harmful bacteria and fungi will not be able to reproduce, and we will solve the problem before it even started. When it comes to mold, this means that we should ventilate our rooms frequently, and we should reduce indoor humidity to 40-50%.

 Fix Water Problems

Mold cannot grow without moisture, and excess humidity in our rooms often happens because we have a leak somewhere in the water system. These leaks can cause the constant presence of moisture in one place, and this is a perfect habitat to molds which can later spread all over your home.

 Dry The Area After Cleaning


If you decide to clean the mold all by yourself, you should take the necessary precautions to protect your health, such as wearing goggles, gloves, and respirators. Once you scrub off all of the molds with water and detergent, make sure to dry the place as much as possible. Either by using natural airflow or by using heat fans, it is vital to make sure that the surface is now 100% without moisture and humidity.